Drop Dead by Danielle Bird – review

a non-spoiler review

Drop Dead is, to quote a meme, a better love story than Twilight. Pop culture nowadays is saturated with paranormal and supernatural love stories, a lot of them centering on vampires and the oft star-crossed nature of their relationships, but Drop Dead is one of the better, fresher takes on the idea. There is no relationship more star-crossed than monster and hunter, and Drop Dead does not disappoint.

The characters are where Drop Dead really shines. In many books the main character function as an audience stand in, a blank slate for the reader to project themselves onto, someone that everyone can relate to. The main characters of Drop Dead are not like that all. They are fully fleshed out, fully realized people in their own right. Ethan is intense and head strong, filled with a desire for vengeance. Meanwhile Simon is timid but snarky, a flighty addict in over his head. These are characters that could so easily be unlikable if made to fulfill another roll, or weren’t written with the care they deserve. But in Drop Dead they are endearing and lovely, and you can’t help but root for them.

Drop Dead features alternating point of view chapters, which helps the reader to fully understand the story. In some books, the mystery of not knowing the other side of the story is great, but for some like this, when all the characters are so interesting in their own way, with conflicting yet contradictory goals and issues.

The relationship between Ethan and Simon is so well-done and thought provoking. Their relationship has so many obstacles. They’re a homosexual, inter-species couple with a supernatural power dynamic that borders on psychic manipulation. The conversations this brings about consent, bodily autonomy, and the self-doubt of ones own decisions and true feelings is fascinating to read.

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