I am a writer and editor. Let me help you. I can edit your fiction pieces and your scripts, maybe even your fanfiction! I have worked as a freelance editor and worked with many authors and publishing houses. If you would like to use my services, please contact me, and tell me about your work and we can get started right away!

ServicePrice Per Word
Copyedit: I will check for grammar and spelling of your entire work..0125
Line Edit: I will check for pacing, flow, and word choice..035
Development Editing: I will check for plot holes, character arcs, content, and structure..039
Proofreading: I will give a final check of the book, making sure that all the editing is complete and looks finished..025

Already have your work finished, edited, and ready to go? Let me help promote it in any way I can!

ServiceTotal Cost
Book Review: I’ll give a full review with pictures and spoiler and non-spoiler sections both on my website and on my Goodreads account.$30.00
Book Blurb: I’ll read your work and give a quote, fit for the back cover of your book.$15.00
Book Promotion: I will post about your book on my Instagram and Twitter, where the posts will stay forever.$10.00
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