Get to Know Me!

Hello everyone! I’m Lauren Stendel, a writer and editor from Central Florida. Though originally from Michigan, I have spent the majority of my life in sunny Florida, in a small town none of you have ever heard of (I’d bet good money on it!).

Most of my youth was spent traveling to and from softball practices, games, and tournaments, devouring books in a shorter time frame than would be considered healthy, and planning on getting a biology degree so I could become a forensic biologist. Then I realized that I hated math and never wanted to do it again, so I pivoted and decided to pursue what I was always best at: creative writing.

Now as a slightly older person, I have graduated from the University of Central Florida with an English degree with a focus on Creative Writing and Editing & Publishing. While I was there I worked as an intern at The Florida Review, UCF’s literary magazine where I helped determine which pieces would make the cut, and which needed more help.

I now spend my time writing (both original fiction and… not so original fiction), reading, watching tv, listening to K-Pop (stan Seventeen!), helping my parents with their garden, dogsitting for my sister, and trying really hard to be good at archery. Through this blog, I hope to share my love of books and writing and hopefully help other writers with their projects as well.

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